Thank you for visiting Bird Watching & Pruning Floral. 

BWP Floral is a New York based boutique floral design company owned and operated by Allison Manne. We specialize in weddings, cocktail and dinner parties, events of all kinds, photo shoots and installations. 

After college graduation, Allison first honed her floral design skills with a number of stylistically diverse companies including Bloom (NYC),  Antony Todd Events, Lewis Miller Design and Merveille (Austin, TX) before creating BW&P Floral. Her designs are inspired by nature. Having farmed for several seasons in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, she puts extreme care and thought into sourcing local, seasonal and sustainably grown blooms whenever possible. In addition to the environmental and sociopolitical reasons behind this, she finds that smaller regional growers  often produce the most unique, vibrant heirloom varieties of flowers that cannot be grown and imported on a mass-scale. Her designs showcase the true nature of each bloom by allowing their movement to take shape in her work. The overall effect is organic, wild and romantic.